Make the Season Sweet

Make the Season Sweet

This weekend was full of fun Christmas activities for us in DC! While listening to my favorite Christmas album (Snow Angel by Sugar and the Hi Lows), I baked Raspberry Almond Shortbread Cookies for an exchange with a new group of friends. We shared recipes and got to try some really delicious cookies (which wasn’t great for the “healthy” part of my December goals).

Adorable Cookie Bar at the Christmas Cookie Exchange… Plus, my cookies about to go into the oven

On Saturday, we attended Jacob’s company Christmas party, which was AWESOME! In addition to drink tickets (which we used for Blanton’s), they served some appetizers in the private lounge at the Evening Star Cafe (a funky and totally adorable bar in Alexandria). Of course, my competitive side came out during the White Elephant gift exchange where we snagged a mini steamer (Jacob’s ties won’t be wrinkly now… Woohoo!) and a home depot gift card. I even got lucky and won a Starbucks gift card during the raffle! We made out like bandits.

Our Sweet Winnings… Muaaahhhaaahaa

Afterward we headed to Murphy’s Irish Pub on King Street for a killer after party where all the men decided to wear their ties on their heads. I think a sign of a pretty good night.

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